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is an ongoing journey that requires a proactive approach and continuous monitoring to stay on top of ever changing landscape of rules and regulations. Health Compliance Consultants can help you along this journey and take the complexity out of the process. Check out Services offered by HCC here.
Compliance protects you from hefty fines and sanctions, if you think the risk is low – think again, check out this list of PHI breaches involving 500 or more individuals.

Contact us for a risk free no obligation initial assessment and quote.
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  • Initial survey is conducted to asses the current status of compliance and risk status.
  • Gather evidence of current compliance, usually in the form of your current Policies and Procedures and Business Associate Agreements.
  • Generate a Risk and compliance report to identify the gaps and shortcomings and possible mitigation actions to bring you under the compliance umbrella.
  • Complete the action items checklist to achieve compliance, the action items usually consist of new policies and procedure or modifying existing ones, personnel adjustments, training, and hardware/software upgrades.
  • Remain Compliant through regular monitoring and timely updates to Policies and procedures.
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