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Website and Social Media Services - Health Compliance Consultants

Website and Social Media Services

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Since every organization is unique we don’t believe in providing  a cookie-cutter solution. Our solutions are highly customized to our clients requirements and goals. Find out more about why, what and how of Social Online Presence:

WHY do healtcare providers need an online social presence?

WHAT does online social presence mean?

HOW does online social presence benefit you and your patients?

Contact us for a risk free no obligation initial assessment and quote.
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More people are online…
  • 80% of the US online population seeks health info on the web.
  • 66% start at a search engine like Google or Bing.
  • What do they find when searching for treatments in your area, or if they search your name? 

More information is available and is continuously updated online…
  • 65% of US online population are Facebook users.
  • 50% go online daily, more information is being posted online than ever.
  • The average user is connected to 80 community pages … and yours could be one of them.

Your online presence will make a difference…
  • Patients want to be cured, and today’s empowered patients start the process online
  • Search engines like Google and Bing want to guide searchers to the right websites
  • Healthcare providers want to provide easy access to their information

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What Does Online Social Presence Mean?

A simple static website is now a thing of past. With general population now becoming more comfortable with findind answers online, it is imperitive to have a comprehensive, integrated, dynamic and scalable online presence encompassing Web 2.0 technologies, that are more commonly known as Social media and include platforms like Facebook, Google +, Windows Live, Twitter, LinkedIn and tons of similar destinations. Youe comprehensive online presence should consist of:

  • Dynamic web 2.0 website: Acts as your hub, that integrates all other aspects of your online presence.
  • Facebook Page: A 900 million member strong social network that brings together families and friends.
  • Google+ Page: One of the most rapidly growing online community that goes beyond friend and family and brings together people with similar interests.
  • Blog: A regularly updated blog post is critical to be ranked higher in online search engines and social media.
  • Twitter: Connect with your healthcare peers, follow the healthcare thought leaders, and share your content.
  • LinkedIn: A very popular and huge colection of professional connections that give new meaning to 5 degrees of separation and highly desirable location for networking with professionals.
  • Google AdWords: Targeted ads that help target patients who search for treatments in your specialty and geographical location.
  • Search Engine Optimization: SEO facilitates serach engines like Google and Bing to index your web presence effectively and easier to be searched when relevant queries are entered in the search box. 
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“Online Social Presence in Healthcare” is a shift in the way physicians and other healthcare providers connect to their existing and prospective patients. Traditional marketing methods are fast becoming obsolete as more and more people use omline search engines on their computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones to search and research.

HCC has the knowledge and experience to help you construct an effective, robust and attractive online social presence that will help you leverage the technology to gain advantage over your competitors and peers who are slow in adopting changing trends in patients’ social behaviour.

Our solutions are custom designed for each individual client to suit their goals and objectives.

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